The Elements of a Great Headline


The sales headline is the vital part in any sales letter. Even if you have the best testimonials and income statements your visitors can not be convinced if your sales headline is not eye catching. For that reason it is absolutely imperative for you to learn on how to write a good sales headline.

The following are factors you should consider when writing a sales headline.

For your sales headline to be powerful you need to include various psychological triggers. Psychological triggers are the words which have been proven to stir up emotions.

In addition to the psychological triggers, you need to ensure that you have interesting conceptual hooks in your sales headline. For example if there are some specific features that your product has and no other seller has them in the market then you should make that your headline.

You also need to find out a way to intrigue your customers into reading it more, even beyond the conveying point. For example if you are intending to say something mysterious or to make a bold calm. This will bait your customers to read more, if only to find out that you were serious.

You need to remember to keep in mind that your headline should match up with the rest of your sales letter.

– You should make a list of all the problems that face your customer that your service or product has.

– You should turn every problem you had got in the first step into a headline.

– You should write three headlines and test each one.

– You need to add testimonials to the past users or buyers of the product if you have got any.

– You need to introduce your product from a problem point of view that your product is out to solve starting from the existing problems.

Lastly, when you are writing a powerful headline you need to remember to always test it before you launch it to determine which works best than the other. To do this you can create two sales pages and then test their conversion rate.

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