Why Should You Write Benefits Instead of Features

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Are you trying to sell a product? Do you have a product that has been in the market for a long time and does not seem to interest anyone although you know it meets all the quality standards? Have all your marketing campaigns been futile? Maybe it is high time you analyzed your marketing strategy. As a seller or a manufacturer, you may tend to dwell on the features forgetting that many people who buy products don’t pay close attention to them unless they are well conversant with the different brands in the market. Why should you write benefits instead of features when promoting a product?

Before you even start a marketing plan, think of your clients first. What is your target market? What would interest them in the product? What needs do they have? When a marketer has an advert that sells the hi-tech features a product has, most will not understand what they are or what they can do for him. What they want to know is the benefits they can get from the product. How do they benefit from using it? Note that people buy products because they have a certain need or problem they hope to solve when they use the product.

If for example you are selling beauty products, not many people will be interested in knowing the components of the products unless they are looking for particular features. Therefore, selling the features may not be beneficial but when you let them know that they can get smoother, glowing skin and it will enhance their beauty, they are more likely to be drawn to the product. The ground rule is to always make sure that the clients know what a particular product can do for them. Even if your product has superior features to those of its competitors, do not dwell too much on this.

If you want to highlight the features the product has, first sell the benefits then let the clients know that those benefits are as a result of a certain feature. In most cases, curiosity is what drives clients to the features. If a product has worked for them, they may want to know what makes it superior to others. You can even do a test on two products. You can sell the features of the first product and the benefits of the second product and then check which one will sell fast. It goes without saying that when you write benefits instead of features in a proposal or a marketing campaign, the product will mover faster.

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