How to Create Awesome Video Content for Your Content Marketing

Essential Elements

Content marketing does not just mean writing lots of blog posts. It can mean that sure, but what is just as powerful is video content.

In fact, video has a number of advantages over written content. Sure, it is less SEO-friendly and it does require a greater commitment from the viewer (they need to be able to have their sound on for starters). But at the same time, video allows you to portray your personality, principles and expertise much more efficiently and quickly. Video is also inherently more engaging and a great way to show your professionalism. If your video has high production values, then this suggests a certain level of authority for you to have been able to create that video in the first place.

With all that in mind, just how do you go about adding great video content to your site? Here are some important tips…

The Quality

To start with, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. It is possible to film with a phone but this will often have difficulties with autofocus. Better is to choose a DSLR or a mirrorless camera and ideally one with a flip screen so that you can see yourself talking and check you’re in shot.

Just as important as the camera is the brightness. Make sure that your image is bright and clear and consider investing in studio lighting equipment such as a softbox. Positioning yourself by a window can also work well.

This will make your footage much clearer which is crucial to ensure that your audience doesn’t need to squint and lean in too close to the screen!

Also important is sound quality. If your sound is muffled, then this will seriously hurt the professionalism of your videos. Solve this issue by speaking into a lapel mic or maybe a free-standing microphone such as the Blue Yeti Snowball.

Think as well about the other hallmarks of a high quality production. For instance, you should make sure to speak slowly and clearly yourself and to be well-presented. You should also think about your backdrop. If you’re in front of your chest of drawers with your boxes hanging out then that won’t look good!


Once you’ve done this, you can then synchronize your video and your audio in a piece of editing software like Adobe Premiere. You should then try introducing a few cuts and edits to keep the flow going and to keep the audience entertaining. Try switching to still images and footage from other things when you can in order to prevent the video from being unstimulating.

This is also where you can add a subtle backing track and importantly a logo in the top or bottom corner. You can also add an introduction (look for someone who can make you one on Fiverr) and maybe ‘bottom thirds’ to introduce people and concepts as they appear on the screen.

These small touches can all add up to create something that is very professional looking and that should really get the right reaction!

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